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Escape Tip is an inherently obvious automotive safety idea. The purpose of the Escape Tip is to provide all occupants of a vehicle the means to break a side window glass if needed. This technique is suggested by every credible safety expert in the field when asked how to escape a sinking vehicle. The Escape Tip is a slight modification to the standard automotive seatbelt latchplate. If made available in all new cars, death by vehicle immersion and entrapment will be significantly reduced.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A good place to start.

I think the most pressing thing that I'd like to do to start this off is to thank a few people that have made it possible for me to work towards our common goal of making cars just a little safer. My Family has been great. This process has been time consuming to say the least. Time that I spend researching information and contacting appropriate people and agencies takes me away from them. They have been great. Thanks to my friends Ed and Kathy and Ed's Dad. Because of them, I have the resources necessary to push on day after day. Without them, this would not be possible. Working toward change is slow and expensive. Their belief that we can make a difference has made the difference. My friend Daren comes through when it really counts. He helps the effort with well thought out strategy and advice and he is one of the smartest people that I know. This is helpful in a pinch. Ed's Mom GS has been the voice of reason and moderation. The windmills of la Mancha are safe many times over because of her wisdom. Janette Fennell of Kid's and Cars who has mentored and encouraged me has been an inspiration and I appreciate her graciousness and knowledge. Craig and Lina bring a high level of professionalism with their guidance and it is helpful. Kent Smith Computer Graphics conceived our logo and artwork and it is all great. Finally, I'd like to thank my friend Doug Souther. He invented the first and best embodiment of the Escape Tip. He chose me to help carry this cause to fruition. He is instrumental in the research and vision that continues to push us along and his creative intellect continually uncovers new trails for us to blaze.

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Vehicle submersion accidents kill people nearly every day. I'm on a quest to make automobiles just a little safer. For the last decade, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic safety Administration) has been keeping extensive records as to the causes and outcomes of traffic accidents on this nation's roads. In that time, an average of 300 people have drowned each year trapped in their vehicles underwater. My friends and I want to change that by giving people a fighting chance to survive. I hope that you'll read more here and at the website