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Escape Tip is an inherently obvious automotive safety idea. The purpose of the Escape Tip is to provide all occupants of a vehicle the means to break a side window glass if needed. This technique is suggested by every credible safety expert in the field when asked how to escape a sinking vehicle. The Escape Tip is a slight modification to the standard automotive seatbelt latchplate. If made available in all new cars, death by vehicle immersion and entrapment will be significantly reduced.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Minnesota Bridge Failure Highlights Vehicle Entrapment Drowning Issue

Minnesota Bridge Failure - I have been sending this piece to reporters and news teams covering the tragedy. I hope that someone takes note that I am addressing the ability to save thousands of lives in the coming years. If something good can result from this tragedy then these deaths would not be in vain.

What I'm about to share, not too many people know. I've shared this with hundreds of reporters. Few get the ramifications of what I share time and time again. I have seven years of research, numerous studies and reports, thousand of news stories from around the world, and U.S. government statistics (contact me through my website at and I'll walk you to the web site that has the stats). These statistics tell the ongoing story of needless death and suffering over the past seventy (70) years. The first case of vehicle entrapment drowning that I know of happened around the time of the great depression. (I'll give you the names of the people that died in that accident) Over the last fifty years, around fifteen thousand people have perished due to vehicle entrapment drowning according to numerous sources.

It is probable that some of the people that died at the I-35W bridge collapse were trapped inside their car with no other, or minor injuries. They tried their doors and they would not open. They tried their windows, and they would not open. Their vehicles filled with water. As they tried their windows again, the water rose. As they pulled furiously on the door handles the water rose. These people followed the ever shrinking air bubble until it was gone. They died, minutes later. Think of what went through their minds as their fate became clear to them.

Some of these people may have been able to break the glass and made their way out. This fact is irrefutable. It happens too often to be ignored. Every year, people escape vehicle entrapment drowning by breaking glass and exiting their vehicle. Every year, people are saved by Good Samaritans that when unable to open the door, grab a rock, bar, or hammer to break the glass and as a result, save lives. Too many experts say that this is the best method to save your own life if trapped in a vehicle under water to discount this solution.

Hundreds of people have died due to bridge failures in decades past. Many were found trapped in their cars under water. There are too many reasons to list as to why cars end up in the water. It's safe to say that as long as cars drive near water their will be accidents like this. Some will say that the solution is more guardrails. Millions have been spent in Florida and lives have been saved. Unfortunately, cars have already jumped those rails and lives have been lost. What amount of money would be needed to put rails around every body of water in the country? Probably trillions.

A reasonable response is to put a group of glass break devices in every car made. The solution at would cost pocket change per vehicle. The advantages of this solution are that it would be;

*Low cost
*Easy to understand
*Easy to use
*Available to all passengers in all rows of the vehicle
*Located in the same place in all vehicles made
*Redundant at multiple locations
*Usable at windows throughout the vehicle
*Not easily lost
*Noticeable if missing
*Occupant decides when to break glass
*Requires occupant to remove seatbelt BEFORE breaking the glass
*Same proven technology that military used to escape aircraft cockpits

In the past seven years I have waded through stories about WalMart, MicroSoft, Ford, Dell,and on and on while being told that this story is an advertisement for a product. MY ANSWER NEVER WAIVERS! Tell the story of the problem and the people will win in the end as the government investigates the vehicle entrapment drowning issue. People will survive accidents like this If they can get out of the vehicle. The dead need a voice to stop this needless and unending trail of tragedy.

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