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Escape Tip is an inherently obvious automotive safety idea. The purpose of the Escape Tip is to provide all occupants of a vehicle the means to break a side window glass if needed. This technique is suggested by every credible safety expert in the field when asked how to escape a sinking vehicle. The Escape Tip is a slight modification to the standard automotive seatbelt latchplate. If made available in all new cars, death by vehicle immersion and entrapment will be significantly reduced.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yesterday marked the twenty third year gone by since the passing of famed television journalist Jessica Savitch. A tough and gritty newswoman, Savitch was a passenger in a stationwagon with her beloved dog "Chewy" when the driver got lost and ended up in the old Deleware Canal near New Hope, PA. When her body was discovered, it was clear that she had been fighting to escape the vehicle.
Nearly 10,000 more souls have been lost since that day. What is it going to take...

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